Future-Ready Data Science Leaders


The Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) is a pioneering program designed with data science practitioners in mind. 

Crafted by experienced world-class scientists and practitioners, the MSDS curriculum is rigorous and relevant. It concentrates on the latest techniques, models, and technologies used in the field of advanced analytics. 

One of the strengths of the MSDS program is that it addresses a critical pain point of enterprises — the lack of technically-skilled individuals who possess the required level of communication, leadership, and management skills to help businesses and organizations make informed decisions.  

The students learn how to formulate the right questions and identify the correct ensemble of data-driven approaches to address highly diverse business and societal problems. ​More importantly, they are taught how to properly communicate results and data-driven insights to maximize their impact on the business and the industry.

The MSDS students have access to a world-class computing facility housed at AIM, where they learn how to handle, manipulate, and analyze big datasets. The facility is part of the Institute’s Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems (ACCeSs) lab run by leading research scientists and engineers.

ACCeSs@AIM is equipped with a 1.2-petaflops AI GPU powered Acer supercomputer. The advanced analytics lab is envisioned to bridge public-private R&D collaboration to develop real-world solutions that address business and societal issues. It is designed to become a center of excellence in data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational modeling.