The AIM Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ASITE) organized a series of virtual mixers and networking events attended by ASITE students, alumni, faculty, and staff held last February, March, and June 2021. 

Showcasing their creative repertoire and innate musicality, the ASITE Community proved that despite having to juggle work, the pursuit of higher learning, and their personal lives in the midst of a pandemic, they can still cultivate camaraderie amongst each other, and have fun.  

The highlight of each gathering was a playback of collaboration music videos, dubbed as QUARANTUNES, featuring song renditions of bands composed of various ASITE Cohorts.  




Vocalist  Bea Remollo, MSIB 2021 
Cello  Louie Cruz, ME 2022 
Violin 1  Joanna Quinto, MSDS 2021 
Violin 2  Lav Chipeco, ME 2022 
Music Arrangement  Louie Cruz, ME 2022 



ME 2022 President  Marc Go 
ME 2022 Vice President  Louie Cruz 
ME 2022 Secretary  Lav Chipeco 



Vocalists  Jenn Mae San Pedro, ME 2022
Matthew Romero, MSDS 2021 
Pianist  Alden Ejorango, MSIB 2021 
Cello 1  Louie Cruz, ME 2022 
Cello 2  Lav Chipeco, ME 2022 
Music Arrangement  Louie Cruz, ME 2022 


According to Louie Cruz of Master in Entrepreneurship 2022 Cohort and QUARANTUNES mainstay, “Music simplifies the complexities of human reasoning, we use music to keep ourselves sane in this very challenging world. And that is something that we would like to share with everyone.”  

With more mixers and networking events lined up in the coming months, expect more musical collaborations from the ASITE Community as they continue to bring people together through music during these uncertain times.  

The ASITE Community is composed of students, alumni and faculty from Master of Science in Innovation and Business, Master of Science in Data Science, PhD in Data Science and Master in Entrepreneurship, and is headed by Acd. Christopher P. Monterola.