The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) takes immense pride in announcing the significant victory achieved by a select group of students belonging to the Master of Science in Innovation and Business program. These eight exceptional students won the coveted PLDT Enterprise Award, granting them exclusive access to PLDT’s world-class Innovation Laboratory (Innolab).  

Team ARES, consisting of Mond Corres, Jem Abel, Karl Leyco, Francis Bernardo, Maruh Bernardo, Celina Borromeo, Michel Borras, and Margo Mananquil captivated the judges during the TECH Plan Demo Day of the TECH PLANTER IN THE PHILIPPINES 2023 competition with their innovative proposal focused on an energy recycling system for tunnel-ventilated poultry farm fans that expertly addressed urgent ecological concerns.  This visionary concept resonated deeply with PLDT, aligning with their overarching mission of providing intelligent ICT solutions that seamlessly integrate with telecommunication advancements. 

The TECH Plan Demo Day, held at the Ateneo de Manila University on 13 May 2023, started with an impressive pool of 46 applicants, with nine eventual finalists showcasing their deep technology solutions aimed at addressing pressing challenges faced by Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.  Esteemed judges from prominent organizations such as PLDT, Inc., Focus Systems Corporation, RTHD Singapore Pte. Ltd., Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development, and the IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. to name a few, rigorously evaluated and recognized the merit of the proposals.   

In recognition of their outstanding achievement, PLDT awarded Team ARES the invaluable privilege of six months’ access to Innolab.  This state-of-the-art facility stands at the forefront of innovation, providing an ideal environment for the development of groundbreaking products and solutions to meet the needs of modern enterprises.  Assisted by PLDT’s team of seasoned experts, Team ARES will receive training, ICT services, and technical assistance to facilitate the creation of a fully functional prototype of their pioneering system. 

This victory continues AIM’s winning tradition in local and international competitions and stands as a testament to the extraordinary potential created by the union between academic excellence and industry expertise.  AIM extends its warmest congratulations to Team Ares and wishes them continued success in their innovation journey.